Gagosian Gallery


Harmony Korine Just Wants to be Left Alone

The director, writer, and artist says he finds a freedom in painting that's hard to come by in film. His latest show, 'Young Twitchy,' is currently on view at Gagosian gallery in New York.


Massive Spray Paintings Turn Tagger Tools into Fine Art Ammo

Katharina Grosse's energetic paintings owe the tagger's aerosol bottle for its unique textures.


Primal Italian Artwork Explores the Void Between the Natural and Man-Made

Giuseppe Penone’s latest exhibition includes a life-sized tree encased in bronze.


Harmony Korine Holds an Exhibition in His Hometown

The ‘Spring Breakers’ director brings his paintings back home to Nashville for 'Harmony Korine: Shadows and Loops.'


[Exclusive Interview] Andreas Gursky and Richie Hawtin Stage a Photo-Techno Mashup

'Not Abstract II' at Gagosian Gallery feels like a light-and-space installation scored by sick beats.


It's All Color & Chaos at Helen Frankenthaler's New Exhibition

The Abstract Impressionism and Color Field legend spans over two decades at Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills.


Frank Gehry’s Swimming Koi Lamps are Reflective of His Artistic Arc

Gehry’s new-and-improved ‘Fish Lamps’ swim about the Gagosian Gallery in Rome.


A Master Photographer Returns to Staging the Surreality of Suburbia

A new exhibition and book illuminate all things Gregory Crewdson.


$120,000 Harmony Korine Painting Stolen in Soho

The work, 'Blue Checker,' was simply removed from a wall in an office-building lobby, making the whole situation totally Korine-ian.


The Sights (and Smells) of Anicka Yi's Bacteria Art Show

Synthetic biologist Tal Danino tells us about the bacteria at Yi's 'You Can Call Me F' exhibition at The Kitchen in New York.


[Exclusive Video] Enter Takashi Murakami's World of Anime Scrolls and Otaku Demons

Here's an inside look at 'In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow,' Murakami's ongoing exhibition at Gagosian New York.