The September Stories Issue

Feedback from Museumgoers May Be Changing the Art World

Curators are paying attention to audiences at large.
Emerson Rosenthal
Garage Magazine

Is a Gallery-Sharing Model the Answer to Art Fair Fatigue?

Saul Anton takes the tour of this year’s Condo New York, a joint venture from Lower East Side dealers Simone Subal and Nicole Russo that sees Manhattan galleries share their spaces with colleagues from around the world.
Saul Anton
Garage Magazine

Finck Different

"How's this for meta?" Illustrator Liana Finck views the viewers at last Thursday night's gallery openings in Chelsea.
Liana Finck
50 states of art

How One Man Turned an Arkansas Garage into an International Art Gallery

Good Weather is a DIY space that brings artists from all over the world to North Little Rock, AR.
Beckett Mufson
50 states of art

Seattle’s Underrepresented Artists Get Showcased at Vignettes

Starting with an apartment-turned-gallery space, Sierra Stinson and Serrah Russell have been igniting Seattle’s art community.
Catherine Chapman

Is the Future of Fine Art in Hollywood's Hands?

Josh Roth of United Talent Agency wants to offer artists the best business insight of both Hollywood and the white cube world, and his team at UTA's relatively-fresh fine arts division might shake up any boundaries between the two.
Zach Sokol
daily vice

We Meet Barcelona's 'Human Dog' on Today's 'Daily VICE'

Ivan Argelaga, a veteran of Spain's sadomasochist scene, strips naked and gets down on all fours to play "the human dog" at Barcelona bars and art galleries as extreme performance art.
VICE Staff

The VICE Guide to Chicago: Touristy Stuff for the Non-Tourist

Conventional city wisdom will have you avoid all touristy areas at all times, but sometimes it's fun to play tourist whether you are one or not.
VICE Travel Staff

Talking Cheap Art with Actor Turned Artist Leo Fitzpatrick

The former "Kids" star has now made a name for himself by opening galleries where none of the artwork is for sale.
Caisa Ederyd
Glenn O'Brien's TV Party

Check Out the Inaugural Episode of 'TV Party'

Artist Robert Delford Brown stops by on the first episode of the legendary NYC public access show—which was filmed back in 1978.
Glenn O’Brien

This Young Artist Is Obsessed with the Naked Bodies of Older Women

"Women are not supposed to show that they've lived. They're meant to be flawless and smooth. It's bullshit," says Aleah Chapin.
Nell Frizzell

Manhattan Mini Storage Now Has an Art Gallery

The building holding Juicys Gallery has everything: prime Manhattan location! Month-to-month leases! Free parking, state-of-the-art security, and ample vacancies! And with starting prices at $29 a month, it's probably the last affordable real estate in...
Whitney Kimball