Game Jams


In This Cold, Your Only Hope Is Staying Close to the Fire

'A Very Warm Fire' speaks directly to the real-life survival instincts during the bomb cyclone.


Take Pictures of Adorable Bunnies in this XKCD-Inspired Game

'Bun Snap' requires you to have razor sharp powers of observation... for cute bunnies.


A Game About Cyberpunk Ladies in Supermax

‘GirlJail’ is a game about romantic arson and bullet hell.


Who Is a Good Dog? The Answer Will Shock You in This Tiny Game

Self-Care Jam has just finished its second year of existence, and it’s just as much of a breath of fresh air as it was during its debut in 2016.


Get Some Good Advice from 'A Little Birdy' in This Tiny Game

‘A Little Birdy’ is short, sweet, and expressive.


This Spooky Space Exploration Game is Not How Telescopes Work

'Junk Shop Telescope' is a wildly creative microgame.


A Game About Secret, Awkward Handshakes Is Utterly Charming

'Greetings' is a friendly, pleasant game about doing secret handshakes at a party.


I Played a Game Called ‘Hell’ and Met Scary Clowns in a Cabin creator ahintoflime has a hell of a vision here.


Fight for MS Paint's Survival in this Purposely Impossible Platformer

'Bill Gates’ Firey Gauntlet' is both an ode to MS Paint and a hardcore platformer about corporate power.


A Post-Apocalypse Game About Witnessing The Past And Present Simultaneously

'Like Roots In The Soil' is something new in a dusty genre.


Fair Use Strikes Back in This Nintendo-Bashing Anti-Copyright Brawler

'DMC Takedown: Seize and Desist' has you fight 'the man' as... almost-Mario.


This Adorable Speed Dating Sim Is Wholesome Fun

Waypoint's unofficial game jam brings a lovely dating sim.