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Labor Groups Investigating Sexual Harassment Claims at 'Detroit: Become Human' Developer

Paris-based developer Quantic Dream has had allegations of a deeply toxic work culture leveled against it in the past.
Nicole Carpenter
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Over 100 Riot Games Employees Walked Out to End Forced Arbitration

'League of Legends' developers walkout to protest the company’s use of forced arbitration to settle sexual harassment lawsuits.
Matthew Gault
Nicole Clark
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Unionization Was Center Stage at the 2019 Game Developers Conference

If last year was a whisper, this year was a shout.
Dante Douglas

In 2018, Video Game Developers Took Unionization Seriously

In a year filled with debate about work-life balance, crunch culture, and "passion," the first steps towards developer organization are finally being taken.
Dante Douglas

Why Are So Many People Leaving Video Games?

On today's Waypoint Radio, we talk about the industry's talent exodus.
Danielle Riendeau

Stability, Support, and Safety: Small Game Studios Need Unions Too

Most of the discussion around games and labor focuses on AAA developers. But indie game developers could also benefit from the added stability and workplace protections offered by organizing.
Dante Douglas

After Destroying Lives For Decades, Gaming Is Finally Talking Unionization

A concern-trolling panel at the Game Developers Conference was the catalyst that led workers to start organizing in a way they never have before.
Ian Williams