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Re-examining ‘Silent Hill 3’, Gaming’s Most Unfairly Overlooked Sequel

OK, it inspired one god-awful film, and that's unforgivable. But Silent Hill 3 remains a great video game, and here's why.
Jake Laverde

‘Resident Evil’ at 20: Flawed, Formulaic, But Still a Fearsome Horror Original

Capcom's survival horror followed video gaming logic, but it also subverted expectations, keeping the player thinking anything could happen.
Ed Smith
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‘Pandemic Legacy’ Is Probably the Greatest Board Game of All Time

The new update to an already celebrated game is tabletop perfection—but that hasn't stopped some people from spoiling the party.
Owen Duffy
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What Is the Greatest Indie Game of the Modern Era?

Two of VICE Gaming's writers debate this question and discuss indie games in general for your enjoyment and/or imminent arguments.
Mike Diver
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All Brown Everything: What Video Games Have to Say About the 1970s

The 1970s are no more, but playing games set in that decade depicts a time of murder, economic hardship, and international tensions.
Paul Rose
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The Strange Story of the Pro Basketball Player Who Broke His Leg and Made a Video Game That’s ‘GTA with Dogs’

When Iranian pro basketball player Behdad Sami busted his shin in 2011, he chased another unlikely dream: to release his own video game.
Mike Diver
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Like a Dragon: Bit Socket's Beginner’s Guide to SEGA’s Amazing Yakuza Games

The Bit Socket boys, founders of the UK Yakuza Fan Club, explain why the popular Japanese franchise warrants your attention.
Scott White
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The Minutiae and the Multiverse: Photographing the Gotham of ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’

Rocksteady's bleak and dangerous comic world has been given fresh life by its Photo Mode.
Jagger Gravning
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The Video Games That Want You Dead

Steam's "Early Access" is full of half-finished survival titles right now, all different but bound by a single common goal: to kill you.
Steve Hogarty