Gangnam Style


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South Korea has gone mad for Starbucks, whose coffee is considered a status symbol: Its capital, Seoul, has the most locations of the chain of any city in the world.


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What's funnier than an umpire saying "Gangnam Style"? That's right: NOTHING


A Guy Who Looks Like Psy Is Scamming Rich European Kids for Free Drinks

Almost two years later, people are still well-aware of the obnoxious "Gangnam Style" phenomenon, and a French-Korean guy named Denis Carre can still go to any posh party he wants to and get free drinks just because he looks like Psy.


Wait, the "Gangnam Style" Remix is Actually Kinda Good?

Despite the sheer novelty of having 2 Chainz and Tyga rap over "Gangnam Style," this is actually pretty alright.


Turns Out The Gangnam Style Dude Made A Song About Murdering Every Single American

We're not saying he's a spy, but we definitely are saying when you rearrange the letters in PSY you get SPY.


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Do Cute Cats Like Gangnam Style?

The entire Internet is losing its hive mind for K-Pop genius Psy and his breakout hit, "Gangnam Style." But here's the thing: The Internet is like 99% cats. So we decided to ask a bunch of adorable widdle kitties what they thought of the track.