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Rucci Is at the Heart of Los Angeles’ Rap Renaissance

With his latest project 'Dawgystyle,' the 23-year-old joins 03 Greedo and Drakeo the Ruler as leaders in a new West Coast movement.


Mozzy and Dave East Prove That Gangsta Rap Still Matters, On Both Coasts

The California and New York natives continue a needed, 30-year-old tradition on their new albums.


G Perico Gives a Tour of His Neighborhood in "All Blue"

The South Central rapper's 'All Blue' album is dropping on April 28.


'Original Gangstas' Goes Beneath the Surface of West Coast Rap's Origin Story

Twenty years after Tupac Shakur's murder, Ben Westhoff digs into the legacy that made gangsta rap so fascinating to its listeners—and deadly to its artists.


Is This Casting Call for the NWA Biopic Actually Racist?

A casting call for the upcoming NWA biopic, Straight Outta Compton, has people riled up due to its favoring of light-skinned black actresses over darker skinned blacks. Why is light skin still seen as somehow better?


Ice-T Has Recorded a Dungeons and Dragons Audiobook

“They were talking about ‘pegasuses’ and ‘pegasi.’ That’s horses with wings. This motherfucker got a sword that talks to him… Motherfuckers live in places that don’t exist, and it comes with a map. My God.”


Dre Day: A Multi-City Celebration of Andre Young

With Dr. Dre's birthday right around the corner, a series of parties is about to light up North America to pay homage to the great godfather of gangsta rap. We spoke to the founder of Dre Day, Mike Davis, about how the project has grown.