Garbage Pail Kids

    • 9.15.15

      The Garbage Pail Kids Are Still Horrifying Parents 30 Years After Emerging from Trash Cans

      We talked to Mark Newgarden, co-creator of the trading cards, about why they're so popular and why the team never published that drawing of a pickled baby in a jar.

    • 4.4.12

      Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #53

      I invite all of you VICE readers to make friends with some good books this week and ditch your human relationships. Become a weirdo loner like me.

    • 5.1.06

      Garbage Pail Dads

      You may not know this, but there's a debate raging in the novelty-gross-out-cards industry--a debate of such heady implications that were it to rumble its way up into mainstream awareness, it could rattle loose the foundations of how we think about art...