'Plant Killer,' Today's Comic by Haejin Park

Loving plants is sometimes like loving people.
Haejin Park

Poisonous Plants Are the Inspiration for These Intense Cocktails

Make an extraction one way and it could be a tonic; make it another and it could be toxic.
Johanna Derry

'The Garden of Animals,' Today's Comic by Harper Swindell

Tris and her nervous companion stumble upon an enchanted forest that grows more than just greenery.
Harper Swindell
Make this

These Mother's Day Cocktails Are Hella Better Than Breakfast in Bed

Every mom deserves a strong drink.
Becky Hughes
light art

Glowing Iceberg Simulations Take Over a Tropical Chinese Garden

Arctic ice formations inspire Chinese Artist Jiayu Liu’s latest light installation in the tropical city of Sanya.
DJ Pangburn

MUNCHIES: The Podcast: Meet the Queen of Nordic Vietnamese Cuisine

On the latest episode, we meet Denmark’s unofficial ambassador of Vietnamese food— the woman who has exposed the Nordic palate to umami, fish sauce, and scorching hot peppers.
Helen Hollyman
Holy Shit

A New Jay Electronica Verse Has Appeared... On a Track With Emeli Sandé

Yes, we know. But forget what you know about Sandé. This is a track that reeks with the scent of a smoke-fuelled, late-night hook-up.
Noisey Staff
Dirty Work

Dirty Work: How to Make Ground Cherry Pie with Brooklyn Grange

Brooklyn Grange's Cecilia de Corral is in love with ground cherries. "Fruity Pebbles, pineapple, caramel—I still can't put my finger on it," she says. The solution? Put them in a pie.
Munchies Staff
urban gardens

How Refugees Are Growing Food from Their Homelands in Inner-City Philadelphia

The garden is surrounded by familiar Philadelphia blight: run-down houses, unkempt weeds, a pile of soiled mattresses. But flourishing within the fenced property are symbols of life, growth, and revitalization.
Aaron Kase

Edible Weeds Are the New Edible Flowers: How One Austin Farm Is Growing Trash as Treasure

The heirloom tomatoes at HausBar Farms are delicious, but the main draw for Austin's most forward-thinking chefs are the tasty weeds that would be discarded anywhere else.
Dan Gentile
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Here Is a Livestream of a Corpse Flower About to Bloom, If You’re into that Kind of Thing

Even Rory and Lorelai Gilmore can't stop talking about the stinkiest plant there is.
Larry Fitzmaurice

A Garden of Chinese Sculptures Sprouts Up in Britain

‘A Beautiful Disorder,’ set to open in July, is the first large international exhibit commissioned by the Cass Sculpture Foundation.
Francesca Capossela