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This European Country Is Voting to Block Gay Marriage—Probably Forever

In October, Romania will hold a referendum to change its constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman only.
Sirin Kale

Australia's Gay Marriage Win Proves How Important It Is to Get Everyone to Vote

Over seven million Australians voted “Yes” for marriage equality after a nationwide campaign mobilization.
Sally Rugg
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Kim Davis Is Crusading Against Gay Rights in Romania Now

The Kentucky county clerk wants to persuade the country to amend its constitution to explicitly ban same-sex marriage.
River Donaghey

Wedding Photos of the Lesbian Couple Getting Married in 24 Countries

As part of a performance art piece, Fleur Pierets and Julian P. Boom are getting married in every country where same-sex marriage is legal. Broadly joined the couple at their first wedding in New York, where they kicked off their 18-month project.
Leila Ettachfini

Why Queer Couples Don't Marry as Young as Straights

The wedding industry, like society at large, is plagued with systemic discrimination that makes it harder for LGBTQ people to say "I do."
Alaina Leary

What's at Stake in the Supreme Court's Take on Gay Wedding Cakes?

We talked to a constitutional lawyer, who said the case's implications could potentially be as broad for LGBTQ people as marriage equality—all thanks to a goddamn cake.
Mike Pearl
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Support for Gay Marriage Is at an All-Time High, Even Among Conservatives

A new poll shows a growing number of Americans are rallying behind the ruling—including groups who have historically been against it.
Drew Schwartz

Three Men Become First 'Polyamorous Family' Legally Recognized in Colombia

It's a groundbreaking move for the Latin American country.
Sirin Kale

In Historic Move, Taiwan Will Become First Asian Nation to Legalize Gay Marriage

Marriage equality doesn't exist in most of Asia, but LGBTQ activists hope that Taiwan's landmark court ruling will inspire change.
Sirin Kale
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Homeland Security denies plan for "mass deportations," Texas judge protects Planned Parenthood funding, Malaysia names North Koreans wanted for questioning in Kim Jong-nam death, and more.
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Teen Suicide Rates Dropped After Same-Sex Marriage Was Legalized, Study Finds

"There may be something about having equal rights—even if they have no immediate plans to take advantage of them—that makes students feel less stigmatized and more hopeful for the future."
Kimberly Lawson
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Gay Marriage Is Linked to Fewer LGBTQ Suicide Attempts, According to New Study

Researchers found a drop in reported suicide attempts specifically among teenagers in the LGBTQ community after their states legalized gay marriage.
Brian Moylan