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Revenge Porn Victims on How It Feels to Find Your Nudes Online

We spoke to four gay men whose personal photos were posted to a 'disturbingly cruel' website.
David Barker

Forgotten Stories of Violence Against Gay Men in New Zealand and Australia

We spoke to photographer Sean Coyle about his work memorializing sites of homophobic violence.
Tess McClure

Gay Men in Canada Still Face Discrimination When It Comes to Organ Donation

Men who have sex with men face extra scrutiny due to Health Canada policies.
Lisa Power
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Gay Men Can Now Donate Blood in Northern Ireland

The lifetime ban in Northern Ireland on gay men donating blood has been lifted—but they still can't donate if they've had sex with a man in the last 12 months.
VICE Staff

Gay Country Superstar Patrick Haggerty Is Still 'Cryin' Those Cocksucking Tears'

Patrick Haggerty unwittingly released the first gay country album in America with 'Lavender Country' in 1973. Life's been a strange trip ever since.
Matt Baume

The Problematic Gender Politics Between Masc and Fem Gays

A sociologist embeds within Louisiana bar culture to uncover whether bears treat twinks differently than men treat women in general.
Swede White

How I Told My Husband and Boyfriend I'm Dating Another Man

I already had a husband, a boyfriend, and all the guys I could fuck. I had enough guys. Then there was Conor.
Jeff Leavell
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Watch: How American Men Are Redefining Masculinity

Being a dude is complicated.
VICE Staff

​How Gay Men Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Semen

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when semen became the focus of so much erotic fixation in the gay community. What was once stigmatized as disease-ridden poison is now celebrated. Whatever the case, semen is everywhere these days.
Matthew Terrell
Chemsex Week

How the Media's Moral Panic Over Chemsex Demonizes Gay Men

Nobody is arguing that chemsex does not exist, but the media is inflaming the issue.
Richard Smith
Countdown to Zero

Listen to the Reagan Administration Laughing at the AIDS Epidemic

Newly-discovered audio recordings from White House press conferences show Reagan's press secretary laughing off AIDS and making fun of "fairies."
Harmon Leon
Chemsex Week

Welcome to Chemsex Week

Exploring the people, issues, and stories in and around the world of chemsex.
Rebecca Nicholson