• 6.20.14

      Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer Is Stupid Like a Fox

      In an interview, the Democratic presidential tease remarked that it seemed to him like maybe former Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor is gay, citing 60 percent confidence on his Gaydar as evidence. Is that really a career-ending gaffe?

    • 10.8.13

      The Soft Science of Kuwait's Plan to Use "Gaydar" to Ban Gays

      Wherever the gay detector falls in the spectrum between asking someone if they like sports or analyzing their facial width-to-height ratio, it won't be the first time history's used sketchy "science" to justify a witch hunt rooted in hate-fear.

    • 5.17.13

      How to Hone Your Gaydar to Perfection

      These days with more and more social circles becoming sexually diverse, how can you tell if the guy swinging a glow stick next to you at some Bushwick "rave" is looking to put his pole in a hole or looking for another pole to pole all over his face?

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