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Joyous Photos Show There's More to Life in Gaza Than Conflict

Four Gaza-based photographers are capturing their favorite parts of the region to show a different side of the territory and its people.
Rowaida Amer

Young Girls in the Gaza Strip Flourish Despite Repression

Monique Jaques's project 'Gaza Girls' hopes to create a deeper sense of empathy in the region.
Clara Mokri

What It's Like to Be a Surfer in Gaza

We spoke to director Philip Gnadt, whose documentary 'Gaza Surf Club' follows the lives of the young men and women riding the waves in the occupied territory.
Kaleem Aftab

Photos of the Synthetic Drug Epidemic That's Ravaged Gaza

For years now, Gaza has been rocked by the proliferation of a synthetic opiate called Tramadol. We sent a photographer to document sales, police confiscations, and the human suffering that pushes people into opiate use.
Antonio Faccilongo

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hillary Clinton returns to the campaign trail, Florida police have arrested a suspect in the mosque fire case, Apple has already run out of its iPhone 7 Plus, and more.
VICE Staff

Inside Gaza's Underground Smuggler Tunnels

In the first episode of 'Black Market: Dispatches,' we explore the underground network of tunnels that connect Gaza to Israel and Egypt and see how goods move in and out of the Palestinian territory.
VICE Staff

Journalist Max Blumenthal on the Perils of Being an Anti-Zionist

We spoke to the author of "Goliath" about how his harsh and uncompromising critiques of Israel have inspired a backlash from across the political spectrum.
Rick Paulas

Rockets and Revenge

Israel’s military offensive, Operation Protective Edge, is now in its fourth week. More than 1,200 Palestinians and 50 Israelis have been killed, and the fighting shows little sign of letting up. VICE News sifts through the rubble in Gaza.
VICE Staff

Journalists Are Dodging Rockets and Online Attacks as Gaza Crumbles

The role of the press in the turbulent conflict playing out in the Gaza Strip is becoming more and more a part of the story.
Justin Glawe

Hanging Out with Pro-Palestine Demonstrators on Saturday

Tens of thousands descended on London to show their support for Gaza. A handful of anti-semites and conspiracy theorists joined in, but for the most part everyone was reasonable.
Oscar Webb
Vice Blog

This Palestinian Journalist Was Killed in an Ambulance on Sunday

Khaled Hamad, a 25-year-old Palestinian journalist and videographer, died Sunday inside an ambulance that was struck by an Israeli rocket as he documented the difficult and increasingly life-threatening work of paramedics in the Gaza Strip.
Justin Glawe

Israel Is Killing Hundreds of Civilians in Gaza, and American Elites Don't Really Care

The mounting death toll and general suffering inflicted on civilians in Gaza is disconcerting. Somewhat lower on the "horrific” scale, but still pretty messed up, is the portrayal of the bloodshed in American media outlets.
Michael Tracey