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VICE Art Editor Nick Gazin Is Throwing a Party to Celebrate the Opening of His New Show

Come to the opening reception of 'Hello Badmind' from 6 PM until 10 PM at World Money Gallery in Brooklyn.
VICE Staff
Nick Gazin's Frozen Food Reviews

Frozen Chicken Nuggets Will Definitely Give You Heartburn

I've been eating frozen chicken nuggets for this review column, and the gurgling heartburn I've experienced has led me to chomp Tums like they were as tasty and plentiful as the nuggets that caused my stomach acids to go into overdrive.
Nick Gazin
The VICE Guide to Right Now

VICE's Art Editor, Nick Gazin, Is Putting On an Art Show in LA on Friday

Stop by the Mishka LA store Friday night and spend some time with our favorite artist.
River Donaghey
The Blobby Boys & Friends

The Blobby Boys Suck Now

Alex Schubert is missing. Until he comes out of hiding or his body is found, his comic will be drawn by other friends and well-wishers. This week it's by VICE Art Editor Nick Gazin.
Nick Gazin

Comic Artist Patrick Kyle Has a New Weekly Strip on VICE

Today we premiered Patrick Kyle's first weekly comic on VICE, so I decided to check in with him to see how he's doing. It turns out that the way he is doing is feeling incredibly irritated with me.
Nick Gazin

Johnny Ryan Made a Prison Pit Cartoon, and He Hates My Guts

Johnny Ryan's semi-popular comic book saga <i>Prison Pit</i> is an animated movie now. He's been doing comics for VICE for the last 34 years, so we are morally obligated to promote any project he has a hand in.
Nick Gazin

Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #98

The biggest comic news of the last month has doubtlessly been that Shia Labeouf ripped off a movie he made called <i></i> from a Dan Clowes comic called Justin M. Damiano. I'm surprised that more people don't recognize what Shia did as...
Nick Gazin

Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #90

Hey Comic Bookies, frequent VICE contributor Leslie Stein has a new book of comics out from Fantagraphics, and it's a really good one. <i>Eye of the Majestic Creature Volume 2</i> continues Leslie’s tradition of telling self-contained stories about a...
Nick Gazin

It Was Halloween in the Lower East Side on Wednesday

Bonfires burning bright, pumpkin faces in the night. I remember Halloween. This Halloween, I DJed at Lit, one of the few bars with electricity below 38th Street.
Nick Gazin

Nerdwatch 2012

I attended the New York Comic Con this year, and it was such a beautiful experience that it dragged me out of a depression that didn't seem to have a foreseeable end. I hung out with friends, met some of my heroes, sold some art, and bought some art...
Nick Gazin

Talkin' 'Bout the Boards - Hockey Stereotypes

Leave comments to let me know how you feel or I will kill myself.
Nick Gazin
The No Photos Issue

If You Post Pictures of Your Naked Girlfriend...

Do you think making art is more like masturbating to web porn or having sex with a beautiful girl?
Thomas Morton