Edward Snowden: Without Russian Asylum, ‘I Would Be in Guantanamo or Dead’

In this week's CYBER podcast, we sat down with Edward Snowden to talk about his life in Russia, Julian Assange, and press freedom.


How US Military Hackers Prepared to Hack the Islamic State

Documents obtained by Motherboard give insight into how hackers at CYBERCOM prepare before launching offensive cyber operations, including figuring out how likely an attack will be attributed back to them.


UK Government Is Cozy with Companies Selling Spytech

It’s well documented that UK companies export surveillance technology to democracies and authoritarian regimes. But the UK government is much closer to these companies than the public may realize.


GCHQ Says Hackers Have Likely Compromised UK Energy Sector Targets

The news comes after the FBI and Homeland Security warned hackers had targeted US energy firms too.


The UK Just Legalized Mass Surveillance

On Tuesday, the UK passed its controversial new surveillance law, the Investigatory Powers Act, according to the Home Office.


US Drone Pilots May Be ‘Illegally’ Acquiring Targets From UK Bases

Are kill commands coming from British soil?


​Court Finds UK Spies Unlawfully Collected Bulk Data for Over a Decade

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal highlighted the intense secrecy and lack of oversight around the UK’s use of bulk powers in a court judgement.


GCHQ Details Cases of When It Would Use Bulk Hacking

A new review of the UK's mass surveillance powers includes case studies from intelligence agencies.


Challenge Over UK Bulk Hacking Powers Taken to European Court of Human Rights

Privacy International and five internet and communications providers want to challenge GCHQ's bulk hacking practices again.


7 Ways the Cops Will Bust You on the Dark Web

The dark web isn’t as dark as some criminals would like.