Games News

Unionization Was Center Stage at the 2019 Game Developers Conference

If last year was a whisper, this year was a shout.
Dante Douglas
Video Games

We’ve Entered the Golden Age of Gaming While Pooping

With existing solutions that allow for AAA game streaming to your mobile devices, and more on the way, there's never been a better time to chill on the john.
Matthew Gault
Board Games

Virtual Reality Will Keep Your Board Game Crew Together

Board games allow us to disconnect and hang out with our friends, so strapping goggles to your face seems antithetical to the premise. But VR could be transformational for friends scattered around the world.
Michael Gaynor

After Destroying Lives For Decades, Gaming Is Finally Talking Unionization

A concern-trolling panel at the Game Developers Conference was the catalyst that led workers to start organizing in a way they never have before.
Ian Williams

Unreal Engine's 'Synthetic Human' Shows the Cutting Edge of 3D Graphics

New Epic Games technology shown at the Game Developers Conference is getting closer to crossing that uncanny valley.
Matthew Gault
sexual harassment

GDC Cancels Nolan Bushnell Pioneer Award, Following #NotNolan Backlash

A man who once wore a "I love to fuck" t-shirt might not have been the best person for the moment.
Patrick Klepek

The Designer of 'Deus Ex' Explains How It Was Born Out of ' Dungeons & Dragons'

GDC hosts full 'Deus Ex' postmortem from last month on YouTube.
Leif Johnson
More metal than metal

How the ‘Doom’ Soundtrack Was Made Will Melt Your Puny Mortal Mind

You are like little baby.
Jordan Pearson

GDC Showed Me That 2017 Is the Year of Cuteness

I thought I knew cute just fine. That was until I rolled up at this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, where it’d become practically weaponized.
Kate Gray
Waypoint Radio

We Talk GDC, ‘Tacoma,’ and ‘Breath of the Wild’ on Waypoint Radio

Join us for another great episode of the podcast. Just watch out for the snakes, and uh, the space skeletons.
Danielle Riendeau

Check Out This 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' NES-Style Prototype

Nintendo’s GDC talk also debuted scrapped ideas such as Biker Link and The Legend of Zelda: Invasion.
Jordan Mallory

This Publisher Is Making Sure Games from Banned Countries Still Get Shown at GDC

Devolver Digital steps up for developers impacted by Trump's executive order.
Leif Johnson