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Inside the 15,000-Person Online Community Obsessed with Jell-O

“It’s just sort of amazing to see all the different ways people are using it—there’s people slapping and spanking gelatin and it’s wobbly.”
Melanie Woods

Creamsicle Jell-O Mold

This is the perfect recipe to start the jello mold revival. It's not old-fashioned, it's "vintage," darling.
Matty Matheson

Some Genius Made a Recipe for Edible Tide Pods

Seriously, don’t eat Tide Pods—but you can make these 'Hypothetical Edible Tide Pods' instead.
Mayukh Sen
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These Greyhound Jell-O Shots Taste Even Better Than They Look

Think of it as a fancy cocktail that happens to be spillproof and looks really fucking good on your Instagram, too.
Munchies Staff
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Your Jell-O Shot Game Is About to Be So Fire

Think Jell-O shots are just for frat boys and bachelorette parties? Get high-class with this recipe for an Aperol Spritz version served in clementine peels.
Munchies Staff
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Blend All of These Totally Weird YouTube Videos Into One Messed Up Piña Colada

Here is how to make a piña colada in your brain by watching bizarre, coconutty internet videos.
Munchies Staff

Flavor-Changing Milk Is an Astoundingly Needless Invention

A former chemistry professor has come up with a milk drink that looks like a lava lamp and switches from tasting like plain to chocolate to strawberry. But do we want it?
Hilary Pollack

Potato and Blueberries

This earthy, acidic-meets-sweet plated dessert is next-level.
Fabian Von Hauske

London's Dining Scene Is Killing Off Jellied Eel Shops

Jellied eels have long been an emblem of London's working class cuisine at pie and mash shops—but now they're being replaced by hip restaurants that threaten to put them out of business for good. Apparently, jelly is so last century.
Maya Oppenheim