gender fluid


A Letter to Teenage Boys, From Someone Who Used to Be One

Author and performer Jacob Tobia opens up about how growing up as a boy felt like being forced to sacrifice your softness and femininity.


A Collaborative, Colorful Look at a Photographer's Non-Binary Friends

Laurence Philomene celebrates marginalized identities with vibrant colors and toothy smiles.


Catch the Premiere of 'TWIZ & TUCK' Tonight on VICELAND

Two best friends—one gender fluid, the other trans—set out on a road trip to all the places that shaped them.


Why the Oxford English Dictionary Declared 'YOLO' and 'Clickbait' to Be Words

We talked to the editor of the New Words department about how the staff determines which words to include each year.


'The Garden of Earthly Delights' Gets a Queer-Feminine Overhaul

Bosch’s masterpiece gains a ceramic and textile rebirth in Caitlin Rose Sweet’s exhibition at Academic Gallery.


A New Paradise: The Gender Fluid Tribes of the Colombian Amazon

Sensual, transgressive, and playful portraits of the Ticuna tribe in Colombia.


Meet the Latin Diva Chopping Her Way Through Gender Norms

Soraya Sobreidad is the host of an amateur YouTube cooking show that blends healthy techniques with Latin cuisine. But it took a long, painful journey for Jaime Montalvo—Soraya's other self—to discover the diva that she has become today.


This Kids' Camp Aims to Create a Safe Haven for Gender Non-Conforming Kids

We talked to photographer Lindsay Morris about the eight years she spent capturing the camp, where little boys are encouraged to dress as girls and there's a fabulous gender-defying fashion show.