gender gap


Sexism Is Not the Reason NASA Called Off the First All-Female Space Walk

“An individual may find that their sizing preferences change in space.”


Three-quarters of Republicans think #MeToo has gone too far

The partisan divide in a new poll was particularly striking on the question of false accusations


More than half of women in STEM academics have been sexually harassed, report finds

That’s second only to the percent of women who report harassment in the military.


The Kim Wall Memorial Fund Wants to Give a Voice to Future Journalists Like Her

Following the Swedish journalist's tragic death, the fund will empower people to tell stories that shake up cliches and stereotypes.


Girlgaze Is Fighting the Gender Gap by Giving Opportunities to Gen Z Female Photographers

Media icon Amanda de Cadenet is empowering women through a multi-platform social media movement.


The Young Hackers Who Will Shape the World Deserve More Than Our Lists

"There’s a culture of creating lists in tech of people who have a unique trait."


The Infuriating History of White Women Voting Against Women’s Rights

Since the 80s, people have thought that women, as a unit, vote more liberally than men. While this is generally true, white women have a storied history of defying this trend, voting for Republican candidates against their own best interests.


Women Who Put Their Careers First Just As Unlikely to Get Jobs in STEM Fields

Research from a new study suggests that the lack of women in STEM fields likely has little to do with women putting family before their careers.


Women Are Now Drinking Nearly as Much as Men

Why the gender gap on boozing is closing.


This Teen Was Fired from a Pizzeria for Asking for the Same Pay as Her Male Coworker

A single quarter might not seem like a lot of money for most, but for 17-year-old Jensen Walcott, the pocket change was indicative of a massive gender gap that still pervades much of the food industry and beyond.


Burger King's Parent Company Votes Not to Add Women to Its All-Male Board

A proposal to create a formal diversity policy aimed at increasing the number of women on RBI’s board was firmly rejected this week.