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The 'Golden Cage' Visa Forces Immigrant Men to Be Stay-at-Home Husbands

The little-known H-4 visa lets spouses of workers stay in the country, but can also be a trap.


Choking Me During Sex Without Consent Is Assault

In my early 20s, aggressive sex became the norm in my world, and I was too afraid to speak up about it. Not anymore.


Tender Portraits of a Photographer's Muse Challenge Ideas of Gender Identity

Lissa Rivera's portraits of her lover, BJ Lillis, shake up the artist-muse relationship.


This Mother's Day, I Want My Wife to Feel Like a Mother, Too

Because I birthed our baby, society sees me as the "mom" and her as my "sidekick." But she's the mother I've always dreamed my son could have.


A Boys' Club No More: Reinventing the Salon for More Tolerant Times

‘Club Americano’ opens up the doors to everyone for lively discussion surrounded by American art and history.


Garment Factories in Bangladesh Are Trying on Gender Equality for Size

Four years after the collapse of Rana Plaza, the country's thriving ready made garment industry is starting to shine light on more than improved infrastructure.


Americans Still Don't Think Fathers Deserve Paternity Leave

A recent study revealed that almost everyone agrees that parental leave is good—so why don't more people support paid leave for dads?


Jameis Winston Says Girls are "Supposed to Be Silent"

Jameis Winston said he made a "poor word choice" when addressing elementary school kids.


The Number of Sexual Partners People Want Their Lovers to Have

In a study published last month investigating how sexual history affects a person's attractiveness, researchers determined that both men and women still care about the number of sexual partners a potential mate has had, but the number can vary.


Why Do People Think Men Who Wear Women's Clothing Are Gay?

When Young Thug debuted the cover for JEFFERY, he raised interesting questions about why, exactly, we conflate men who wear women's clothing with homosexuality.


Even In Queer Relationships, Outdated Gender Roles Are Rampant

A 2016 study finds that boring gender norms still influence American ideas about who should do chores and take care of the kids in relationships.


Behind the Gender Politics of Berlin's Female Fight Club

We meet the women who can leg press up to 1,500 pounds, squash watermelons between their thighs, and knock somebody down with a well-placed finger behind the ear.