gender violence


This Artist Turned the Scars of Abused Women into Haunting Sculptures

For his new series “Detrás de las paredes,” Argentinean artist Marcelo Toledo interviewed survivors of gender violence, transforming their wounds into works of art with a call to action.
Pedro Camacho

The Growing Movement of Men Who Secretly Remove Condoms During Sex

A 2017 study takes an in-depth look at the practice of removing a condom during sex without a partner's knowledge or consent, also known as "stealthing."
Kimberly Lawson

When Raped and Murdered Young Women Are Turned into Listicles

In Argentina, where the rate of gender-based murder is already high, femicides are on the rise. Advocates say sensational media coverage is feeding the attitudes that lead to the crime.
Meaghan Beatley

You Can Now Get Fined for Street Harassment in Argentina

In a unanimous vote, the city of Buenos Aires has enacted a law making public sexual harassment illegal in hopes of diminishing gender-based violence.
Anna-Cat Brigida
gender violence

Women Strike in Argentina After the Brutal Rape and Murder of a 16-Year-Old Girl

Argentina has seen 226 femicides in 2016, with 19 in just October alone. Following the news of Lucia Perez's murder, women gather to protest the ongoing violence against women in the country.
Kimberly Lawson

Does Mixed-Gender Wrestling Promote Equality or Violence Against Women?

Australian wrestling companies are shutting down bouts between men and women due to a growing number of complaints.
Rowan Forster

Interview with a Troll Whisperer

An interview with troll researcher Whitney Phillips about her book 'Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.'
Fruzsina Eordogh