general election 2015


Breaking Down the UK Conservative Party's Evil-Sounding Policies

The Tories want to scrap the Human Rights Act, spy on civilians, reduce employment rights, slash subsidies for clean energy, and make it harder for Labour to win elections. Surely the intentions aren't all as bad as they sound?
Adam Forrest

An LGBT Guide to the UK General Election

What are the major parties promises to do for Britain's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans people?
Daisy Jones
Longreads Or Whatever

Why Do Most British Musicians Not Give a Shit About the Politics That Affect Their Fans?

In the 'NME' this week, you can find 23 artists talking politics, and the takeaway message is damning.
Emma Garland

We Spoke to One of the Activists Who Covered London in Anti-Voting Posters

The anonymous member of the "Special Patrol Group" thinks the best way to change things is to dedicate yourself to direct action rather than the ballot box.
Charlotte England
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

Inside Britain's Mental Health Crisis

A national bed shortage means people are being shunted all over the country for hospital care. Kids are waiting more than two years for treatment and being admitted to adult psychiatric wards. What's happening?
Andrew McNicoll

The Stoners Fighting for Legal Weed in the UK

As the UK elections approach, the two major parties are both committed to prohibition, even though polls show that half of all Brits are in favor of cannabis decriminalization.
Nick Chowdrey, Photos: Jake Lewis

What Do London's Young Homeless Voters Think About the General Election?

Homelessness has risen by 55 percent in the UK since David Cameron became prime minister. We asked a number of homeless young Brits for their thoughts on how the country's being run.
Benjamin Butterworth

Kidnap Obama, 'Extradite the Bastard': A British Politician Urged Israel to Lock Up the US President

UKIP's Jeremy Zeid resigned after suggesting that the Israelis "do an Eichmann" on Obama — a reference to Holocaust organizer Adolf Eichmann, who was kidnapped by Israeli intelligence in 1960.
Ben Bryant
Adventures in UKIP Country

When Did England Abandon Its East Coast?

A new four-part series looks at England's misunderstood eastern side, starting with Margate and Dover.
Tim Burrows

The Paranoid Style in British Politics: Inside the UKIP Spring Conference

Global warming denial, homophobic literature, and leaflets claiming that foreign aid is actually spent on "giving dance lessons to Africans" were just the tip of the iceberg.
Michael Segalov

British Political Expert Alastair Campbell Explains What Makes Someone a 'Winner'

"I don't feel Machiavellian, but I know I can be. I mean, I've done things that people describe as Machiavellian."
Hope Whitmore

One Million British Would-Be Voters Have Been Quietly Kicked off the Electoral Register

A change to the way people in the UK register to vote has resulted in a lot of young people, poor people, and ethnic minorities being excluded from the list without realizing it.
Charlotte England