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Here Are All the Things Millennials Killed in 2017

Congrats, everyone. We did it!


I Asked a 'Millennial Expert' if Our Generation Is Doomed

House plants, smashed avocado, perpetual renting, and ushering in the apocalypse.


That study about millennials having terrible sex lives is probably bullshit

There are many reasons to be skeptical of a new academic study that claims today's young adults are having significantly less sex than Generation X.


Why Millennials Aren't Fucking

Younger millennials are having less sex than previous generations did at their age. What gives?


How Parents Talk to Their Kids About Drugs in 2016

The druggy generation raised on DARE and "Just Say No" in the 1980s is trying a new strategy.


Predicting the Digital Apocalypse: An Interview with Douglas Coupland

How Eric Hobsbawm and Marshall McLuhan influenced Doug's latest non-fiction work, 'The Age of Earthquakes.'


A Conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Douglas Coupland, and Shumon Basar

We talked to the curator, author, and writer about their new philosophy book "The Age of Earthquakes," FKA Twigs, and Generation Z's perception of time.


'Slacker' Was the Film That Showed Me How to Get Lost

Richard Linklater's lazy Gen X indie flick taught me that sometimes, it's OK to take the roundabout way.


Photographing Generation Z

Jessica Longworth takes photos of her kid sister and the daily minutiae of the generation currently on its way to adulthood.


Gen X Ruined the World Too

Generation X has a lot more to do with our current shitshow than they believe. Our big brothers and sisters screwed up our cultural priorities by teaching Millennials that self-obsession is the highest mark of cultural capital.


10 "Irrelevant" Bands

These are not guilty pleasures. The Geto Boys are not uncool.