This New Super Crop Could Change the Way We Grow Wheat

British researchers claim the new GM wheat crop can photosynthesize more efficiently to produce higher yields.
Daisy Meager

Scientists Are Furious Over Canada’s Bizarre Ban on Importing Zebrafish

Research into Alzheimer’s, blindness, heart disease, and arthritis has been killed.
Jovana Drinjakovic

The Guy Behind Long-Delayed Glowing Plants Kickstarter Wants to Sell You Moss

Antony Evans still hasn’t shipped any glow-in-the-dark plants, but he wants you to trust him on his new product.
Madison Margolin

Florida Needs a New Place to Release Genetically-Modified Anti-Zika Mosquitoes

The local community voted against the experiment, but the government has decided to move forward somewhere else.
Kaleigh Rogers
Gm os

Why GMOs Might Not Be Such a Bad Thing After All

With little scientific data supporiting the claim that GMOs can cause adverse health effects, an increasing number of pro-GMO activists are speaking up to defend the potential benefits of allergy-free peanuts and other modified foods.
Lauren Rothman

Zika-Fighting, Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes Are Coming to Florida

An island in the Florida Keys makes the perfect testing ground for Oxitec's bugs.
Kaleigh Rogers
synthetic biology

What Synthetic Biology Is Doing to Our Houseplants

A genetically modified moss that pumps out patchouli fragrance is in the works.
Russ Douglas
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Genetically Modified Salmon Is Stuck in a Labelling Limbo

The FDA recently cleared GM salmon for human consumption after a 20-year approval process, but it can't hit shelves until officials decide how to label it.
Wyatt Marshall
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Campbell's Is Going to Voluntarily Label the GMOs in Its Foods

Campbell Soup Company, the maker of everything from its iconic soups to V8 to Goldfish and Pace Salsa, has turned heads by announcing it will begin to voluntarily label its products that contain GMOs.
Wyatt Marshall

The FDA Just Approved Genetically Modified Meat for the First Time

The Food and Drug Administration just approved the sale and consumption of super-fast-growing, genetically engineered salmon—and soon, they're coming to a plate near you.
Wyatt Marshall

Environmental Groups Worry that GM Salmon Could Cause Irreparable Harm

It’s unclear what would happen if one of the genetically modified salmon, dubbed “Frankenfish” by some, made it out into the wild. Some fear they could push out populations of wild salmon or otherwise alter the environment.
Wyatt Marshall
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The EU Remains at Odds with Its Members Over the Safety of GM Food

The great GMO debate rages on as the EU shuts down draft legislature that would allow individual European nations to ban the use of GM food or animal feed.
Munchies Staff