Man Executes Genius Plan to Sneak Bottle of Vodka into Music Festival (UPDATE: Or Not?)

Instead of sneaking a bottle IN, try digging it UP.


This Website Charges You $1 to See How Many Other People Paid it a Dollar

"How many people paid a dollar to see how many people paid a dollar?" is genius.


Not Quite a Genius: My Year Working at Apple's Flagship Store

In his new book, Funny or Die senior writer Nate Dern remembers some of the more challenging customers he dealt with at his old job.


Rey Ordóñez And The Outer Boundary Of Range

By one measure, Rey Ordóñez was a marginal player. By another, he was one of the great geniuses that baseball has ever seen. Both can be true, but which matters more?


Frank Ocean Just Annotated the Lyrics of His Calvin Harris Collaboration, "Slide"

One line in particular references an expensive Picasso painting.


This Genius 12-Year-Old Is the Youngest Person to Go to an Ivy League

Seems reasonable considering he read 'Lord of the Rings' at five and started studying calculus at six.


More Families Sue Sperm Bank That Allegedly Said Mentally Ill Ex-Con Donor Was a Genius

Donor 9263 is believed to have helped conceive 36 children in Canada, the US, and in the UK. A number of families in Ontario and now British Columbia are suing the sperm bank.


Meet the Colombian Lawyer Who Became the Face of Colorado’s Weed Industry

Norton Arbeláez turned $800 into one of the state's largest medical marijuana companies.


Prince Was a Genius No Matter How You Define It

If Prince was a peerless icon who represented the pinnacle of achievement in contemporary pop music and there is no one else like him, what does his passing mean for the future of musical geniuses?


"Why Should I Love You" - When Prince Met Kate Bush

The sound of two geniuses staring at each other from opposite ends of the universe.


We Spoke to the Woman Performing Abortions on International Waters

Rebecca Gomperts has been behind several initiatives that use legal loopholes to be able to perform abortions where they're illegal.