geometric art


Pixel Portraits Showcase the Creative Potential of Vector Art

John Harman wields the vector line like a paintbrush in his elegantly crafted digital works.


Beautiful Minimalist Photos Tell Atlanta’s Story Through Surfaces

In the latest entry in ‘Geometrical Rhythmics’, multimedia artist Giga Kobidze explores Atlanta’s building and structural textures.


After Going to Jail for Vandalism, a Virginia Muralist Keeps Painting | #50StatesofArt

Mickael Broth was convicted of vandalism in his 20s. The experience made him appreciate the power of artistic expression.


Inspired by Pop-Up Books, This Paper Engineer Creates Giant 3D Sculptures

Artist Matthew Shlian creates large, mesmerizing sculptures inspired by origami, kirigami, and papercraft.


Journey to 'Lost Olympus,' Where Greek Idols Become Kaleidoscopic Modern Paintings

Ancient myths and contemporary icons become one in multicolored paintings by Spanish street artist and muralist Okuda San Miguel.


Geometric Flower Drawings Are Like Mutating DNA Frozen in Time

Mary Judge’s repetitive floral drawings are an exercise in making something different from the same form.


Meticulously-Painted Glitch Art Maps the Human Psyche

The man behind Instagram's @earlboykins paints humanity's psychological perils.


Infinite GIF Landscapes Emerge in a Psychedelic Short Film

GIF artist hexeosis is creating a 33-minute animated psychedelic GIF video.


A Rainbow Carpet Made of Sawdust Brings New Meaning to Pop Art

A sprawling carpet installation in Guatemala City takes a contemporary look at a Central American tradition.


Lose All Your Good Sense(s) in Emanuele Kabu's Latest Psychedelic Turn

Animator and illustrator Emanuele Kabu creates an immersive music video set to a pulsing Rocket Pengwin's song.


These Kinetic Geometries Were Crafted By A Graffiti Artist

Moneyless has seen his work rise from vandalism to the vanguard.


Quotes Become Symbolic Geometric Art in ‘Aretephos’

New York-based philosopher Apostolos Stefanopoulos wants to turn famous writers and philosphers’ words into highly symbolic digital art.