This Is What It’s Like to Watch the Arctic Die

There is no talk of international intrigue among people living and working in the Arctic, only dread of what a warming planet might mean.
Craig S. Smith

The U.S. Military Wants to Build a Strategic Port in the Melting Arctic

A military spending bill has asked for a brand new Arctic port to face "future great power competition."
Sarah Emerson
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We watched Kim Jong Un celebrate North Korea's 70th birthday with a military parade

The messaging from Pyongyang was a little different than usual during North Korea's military parade
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Why Is the West Ignoring the War in Ukraine?

The war is active and people are dying. Most people just don’t care about it for a cocktail of both bigoted and ignorant reasons.
Ben Makuch

The US Opioid Crisis Started in India

How India's historical role in the global opiate trade contributed to a crisis in the United States.
Benjamin Siegel
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia wants to build a moat around Qatar

Tensions are escalating over Qatar’s alleged ties with Iran and terrorism financing
Alexa Liautaud

An Expert Told Us How Trump Is Screwing Up the North Korea Situation

By refusing to negotiate and firing off angry tweets at both the regime and allies like South Korea, the 45th president seems to be flirting with disaster.
Mike Pearl

The Canadian Army Is Worried Russia Will Spy on Us With Drones In the Arctic

Drones could even the odds in the race for the Arctic.
Jordan Pearson
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The US Is Switching on an $800 Million Missile Defense System in Eastern Europe

The Kremlin says the shield's aim is to neutralize Moscow's nuclear arsenal long enough for the United States to strike Russia in the event of war. Washington denies that.
Reuters and VICE News
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These Are the Juvenile 'Offenders' Saudi Arabia Executed in January

Little attention has been paid to the fact that at least three of those killed in a mass execution on January 2 were minors at the time of their alleged crimes. VICE News pieces together the evidence.
Miriam Wells and Namir Shabibi
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The US Is Sending Thousands More Armed Troops and Heavy Weaponry to Eastern Europe

The troops will be on nine-month rotations in the region along NATO's eastern border starting in February 2017 — the first such deployment since the end of the Cold War.
VICE News and Reuters
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‘Please Help Me to Save My Son’: More Executions of Teenage Protesters Imminent in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, the West's trusted Middle Eastern ally, may be about to execute three young men arrested for protesting when they were children. VICE News spoke to their families.
Miriam Wells and Namir Shabibi