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Australia's Proposed New Counter-Terror Laws Will Target Teenagers

If passed, the laws will lower the age that control orders can be applied and extend the period police can hold a terror suspect without charge.
Wendy Syfret

Talking to Australia’s Post Art-Start Generation of Artists

We asked a few art students and recent grads about what they're going to do after this current round of funding cuts truly sinks in.
Alan Weedon

This One Man Now Controls Art in Australia

The Australian Arts Council was designed to take discrimination out of arts funding. In this week's Federal Budget, George Brandis put it back in.
Lee Zachariah

Indigenous Legal Services Already Feeling the Imminent Funding Cuts

"For every one lawyer that we lose, that's 240 Indigenous people that will miss out on representation."
Denham Sadler

Australia Allegedly Pressured Human Rights Chief to Quit After Report on Children in Detention

The Australian Federal Police are investigating whether the government tried to corruptly entice Gillian Triggs into leaving her post as Human Rights Commission president.
Scott Mitchell
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Australia's Former Intelligence Chief Is in an Awkward Position Ahead of Sydney Siege Inquiry

Australia is conducting a complete review of law enforcement, intelligence, immigration, and justice following the Sydney Siege, but the role of one former intelligence chief in the government could cast a shadow over it.
Scott Mitchell

What We Can Learn From Hicks vs. Brandis

David Hicks, a former detainee of Guantanamo Bay, heckled Federal Attorney-General George Brandis at a Human Rights Award ceremony in Sydney.
Girard Dorney
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Australia Is Locking Up Mentally Impaired Aboriginal Men in Jail Indefinitely

A government commission found that the country didn't live up to human rights obligations when it allowed individuals who could not be tried in court to be indefinitely incarcerated.
Scott Mitchell

Indonesia Did Terrible Things in East Timor — and Australia Doesn't Want You to Know About Them

Australia's government is fighting the release of documents that could shed light on the deaths of more than 200,000 people during Indonesia's occupation of East Timor.
Scott Mitchell

Changes to Australian Security Laws Will Make Illegally Obtained Evidence Permisable in Court

It will also grant intelligence personnel immunity when they break the law, allow the use tracking devices without warrants, and increase jail terms from 2 to 10 years for leaking information. More stunningly, the bill is being passed by politicians...
Alison Bevege
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New Australian Anti-Terror Laws Could Bring the Mandatory Recording of Private Data

The government says the changes are being made due to the internal security threat posed by Australian jihadists. Advocates disagree.
Paul Gregoire

Racism And Technology Is Evolving Faster Than The Law

When it comes to dealing with public discrimination, Australia has the state and federal legislation, but not the teeth.
The Anti Bogan