George Bush


Inside the kill zone of Fallujah's "Hell House"

Fifteen years ago, the battle altered the course — and perception of — the Iraq War.


Former President George H. W. Bush dead at 94

Bush's decades of service, both in elected office and in American diplomacy and intelligence, made him a kind of paragon of the American public figure.


Trump hung a painting in the White House of himself hanging out with dead Republican presidents

Check out this weird painting that Trump is hanging in the White House


Trump Kicks Off Ramadan with a Statement About Terrorism

"America will always stand with our partners against terrorism and the ideology that fuels it."


Yesterday on the Internet: Apparently the Super Bowl is one giant metaphor

On Sunday night, the completely United States sat down as one to watch the 2017 Super Bowl. But because it's 2017, the Super Bowl can't just be the Super Bowl — the entire country is on high metaphor alert, and the symbolism was too much for some.


A Year of Lil Wayne: "Georgia...Bush"

One of Wayne's most politically-charged tracks.


George H.W. Bush Might Actually Vote for Hillary

He allegedly told Bobby Kennedy's daughter that he'd vote for Clinton, but a Bush spokesman would neither confirm or deny the claim.


'He's bad; we're good' —Tony Blair's notes to George Bush on Iraq war revealed

The British prime minister could be gushing in his praise for the American president, but very much aware that the Iraq war could ruin their legacy in history.


Ex-CIA Officer Facing Imprisonment Says Hillary Clinton Is Partially to Blame

Sabrina De Sousa faces possible jail time for an unlawful CIA rendition that she says she wasn't involved in — and she says as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton did nothing to help her.


The CIA Officer Left Behind by Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Ignored a CIA officer's plea for help. Now, Sabrina De Sousa may be jailed in Italy for her role in an unlawful CIA rendition she claims wasn’t involved in.


A Waitress Faces Backlash for Her 9/11 Tweet After Serving George W. Bush

Jet fuel may not be able to melt steel beams, but a reference to said meme sure as hell can set your entire life aflame in the most spectacular of ways.