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Campaigning resumes in Britain's EU referendum following murder of Labor MP Cox

The only opinion poll carried out since the killing showed that 45 percent of those polled wanting to remain in the EU, and 42 percent saying they'd vote to leave in the June 23 referendum.


Britain Might Be About to Scrap Free School Meals for Under-Sevens

According to a Sky News report, the Conservative government could be harbouring plans to axe a scheme that sees free hot lunches provided for all infant school pupils.


The UK's Conservative Party Is Waging a War on the Young

They're keeping older British voters happy by pissing off the young. That tactic could blow up in their faces in the long run.


Inside the Massive Left-Wing Anti-Austerity Protest That Hit London on Saturday

Despite the massive turnout, it seems unlikely that the government is going to listen to the people fighting against budget cuts.


Britain Doesn't Need More Austerity, It Needs Luxury Communism

A paradise for everyone is within our grasp.


Devolution in the UK: Will Thursday's Election Lead to the Break Up of Britain?

As polling day looms on May 7, the United Kingdom is less united now than it was at the last election — and Scotland could hold the balance of power.


Lawmakers Vote to Legalize So-Called 'Three-Person Babies' in the UK

The controversial technique, aimed at preventing genetic diseases, would combine the DNA of two women and a man.


What Does the Term 'Public Interest' Actually Mean?

Nobody seems to know. But despite having no fixed definition, the term is still used by UK politicians and journalists of all types to make it seem like they have the public's well-being at heart.


Developers Are Aggravating the UK's Housing Crisis by Ducking Affordable Home Targets

A new report by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism shows how developers are dodging affordable housing quotas, as their profits explode.


Tory Ministers and Dodgy Accountants Are Ruining Local Democracy in London

It's been a weird week for democracy in the UK. The government is giving Manchester a mayor it didn't vote for, and taking over the administration of the recently re-elected mayor in East London.


A Pessimist's Guide to British Prime Minister David Cameron's Big Speech

A man who's spent his term in government enacting policies that have hurt the poor, young, and vulnerable is now patting all of those people on the head and going, “Just kidding, mate.”