Georgia Tech


Watch 10,000 Maggots Scarf Down a Pizza in Two Hours

Black soldier flies are the Joey Chestnuts of the larvae world.
Becky Ferreira
Fast Food

WATCH: Georgia Tech Students Give Fallen Taco Bell a Touching Memorial Service

It included a military-funeral-style bugle performance of "Taps."
Hilary Pollack
Georgia Tech

Investigation opened into cop who killed Georgia Tech student

Carter Sherman
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Paul Manafort reportedly wiretapped and threatened with indictment, GOP candidate in Alabama drops racial epithets, Pentagon chief mulled putting nukes back in South Korea, and more.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

What We Know About the Fatal Shooting of an LGBTQ Student Leader in Georgia

Police said Scout Schultz was brandishing a knife when they were killed in a standoff with officers on Georgia Tech's campus Saturday night.
Drew Schwartz

Drone Swarms Avoid Crashing With 'Safety Bubbles'

Watch out! A team of autonomous quadcopters can now work together without crashing.
Emma Griffith
Watch out for that tree

Farmers Could Have Teams of Tarzan Robots Swinging Around Their Fields in the Future

The king of the jungle is moving to the farm.
Grennan Milliken
college football

Some Kid Pulling for Georgia Tech Just Ate Half His Bowl Ticket

Take a couple of breaths out of eating chemical-dyed paper to take a chill pill, kid.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Inside the Wired World of Georgia Tech’s Robotic Musicians

How Gil Weinberg, leader of Georgia Institute of Technology’s Robotic Musicianship Group, is building the next artistic greats.
Maya-Roisin Slater

This New Fabric Harvests Energy from the Sun and Wind

Stylish, too.
Michael Byrne

This Gross Sound Your Knee Makes Could Be a Sign of Health

Scientists are developing a microphone knee band to measure the sounds of an injured joint's healing progress.
Madison Margolin
food desert

How Technology Could Solve the Food Desert Crisis

While food deserts—areas where access to healthy foods is absent or limited—have existed for a long time, we're now using technology to identify and solve the problem. Here's how.
Alex Swerdloff