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The Brits

Let’s Revisit That Time Geri Halliwell's Giant Inflatable Crotch Was at the Brit Awards

Artist Robin Harries takes us behind the scenes of that TV moment from 2000—and looks back at designing a George W Bush effigy getting a blowjob from a dog.
Kieran Yates
Internet Exploring

Geri Halliwell’s Instagram Is a Hygge Safe Space for Millennial Snowflakes

Look how many fucking buzzwords we got in this title.
Daisy Jones
Holy Shit

Preserve the Legacy of the Spice Girls By Maybe Not Listening to This

Dear oh dear.
Lauren O'Neill
VICE Long Reads

How the Spice Girls Ripped 'Girl Power' from Its Radical Roots

The Spice Girls co-opted Girl Power and told us we could have it all. Was it true? Or a way for them to take our money with branded merchandise? Twenty years later, we spoke to those at the center of it all to find out.
VICE Staff
Holy Shit

Holy Shit, It Looks Like The Spice Girls are Sort of Reuniting

Ginger, Baby, and Scary “want to have a big party - and when we do, you’re all invited.”
Alex Robert Ross
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Jennifer Lopez, Cats Boning, and Other Weird Shit Musicians Keep Faving on Twitter

I’m genuinely convinced they don’t realize we can actually see all this.
Daisy Jones
Thinkpieces And Shit

Ginger To Zayn: Understanding the Pain of Teenagers Through Pop Music

One Direction’s Zayn Malik is this generation’s Ginger Spice…
Kat George
Paris Lees

Which Spice Girl 'Won'?

Each of them tried their hands at solo careers, always carefully calibrated so as not to be in the charts at the same time.
Paris Lees