German elections

German elections

Refugees in Berlin Reflect on the Far Right's Historic Election Victory

Germany voted far-right nationalists into parliament for the first time since World War II. We spent election night with some of the Syrian refugees they hate.
Rebecca Baden
German elections

Angry Germans Explain Their Country's Surging Right-Wing Movement

We talked to voters in a formerly left-leaning neighborhood in Berlin that lurched toward anti-immigrant populism in this past weekend's national election.
Lara Gohr

The far right isn’t the real story of the German elections

Merkel is by far the longest-serving political leader of a major democratic state, having already survived two U.S. presidents, three French presidents, three British prime ministers, four Greek premiers, and five Italian ones.
Cas Mudde

This Israeli artist is masterfully trolling the German far-right

Clare Richardson
The Rundown

Ahead of Elections, German Lawmakers Take Aim at Russia’s Fake News

Your daily guide to what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff

Angela Merkel faces a tough election challenge from the wildly popular Martin Schulz

Tim Hume

German Anti-Immigrant Far-Right Party Makes Gains in Regional Elections

The country's far-right nationalist and anti-immigrant group AfD, or "Alternative for Germany" won seats in three states holding regional elections, exit polls indicated on Sunday.
Tess Owen

Germany's Far-Right AfD Party Is Scaring Europe, And Rising in the Polls

Three big German states vote on Sunday in local elections, and a party whose leader wants to shoot refugees at the border may do very well in them.
Alexander Saeedy