Gertrude Stein

    • 4.20.14

      Old Ladies Have Dominated the History of Weed Brownies

      Pot brownies are on everybody's radar thanks to elderly stoner pioneers like Alice B. Toklas and "Brownie Mary." But old people have always known about the good stuff long before we did.

    • 10.29.13

      Implausible Literary Halloween Costumes No One Will Recognize

      The Judge from Blood Meridian: One cool thing to do on Halloween is to act like a total dick to everybody and pretend it’s just part of your costume. Considering that the Judge is one of the biggest loudmouth brutes in all of literature, why not...

    • 4.1.13

      One Hundred Literary Rumors

      I don’t know what you’ve heard, but I’ve heard a lot of shit. People whispering in hallways and Gmail chatting about all kinds of dark secrets. People up in parties with their coats and hair all looking nice and their mouths just full of you wouldn’t...

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