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The Last Days of Clinton's Losing Florida Campaign

On Monday, I flew down to Miami to volunteer for the Clinton campaign. On Wednesday morning, I woke up to the news we had lost.
Meg Charlton
Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton Thanks Jay-Z For "Addressing... Some of Our Biggest Challenges" in His Lyrics

Jay-Z and Beyoncé introduced her to the crowd in Cleveland last night.
Alex Robert Ross

The VICE Morning Bulletin

US government prepares for cyber attacks on Election Day, Megyn Kelly claims Roger Ailes sexually harassed her years ago, FBI blames its Trump and Clinton tweets on computer bug, and more.
VICE Staff
How Scared Should I Be?

How Scared Should I Be of Voter Intimidation?

Donald Trump's talk of a "rigged" election and his calls for his supporters to "watch other communities" has everyone on edge. Are there going to be fights at the polls this Election Day?
Mike Pearl

I Spent Election Day Getting Out the Vote with Male Models from 'Cosmo'

<em>Cosmopolitan</em> sent a party bus full of male models to get out the vote in North Carolina on Tuesday. Turns out, they were needed.
Aaron Lake Smith

Denmark's Parliament Tried to Engage the Youth Vote with Blowjobs and Decapitated Hipsters

In an attempt to boost this year's voter turnout, Denmark’s parliament opted to combat youthful voting apathy by giving the kids what they love—a raging steroid freak who decapitates hipsters and literally punches women into voting booths.
Marte Woxen