• 6.1.16

      How India Fell Back in Love with Ghee

      The clarified butter had fallen out of favor with Indian chefs, thanks to a recent culinary trend for imported olive oil. But with new studies revealing ghee’s health benefits, the creamy staple is back on Indian menus. “It gives a lot of power to the...

    • 5.29.15

      Canada's Best Mexican Cheese Is Made by an Indian Sikh

      Amarjit Singh, a self-taught cheesemaker and owner of Ingersoll's Local Dairy, is a busy man. After all, it takes a lot of hard work to produce paneer and award-winning Oaxaca cheese.

    • 4.23.15

      I Went to the Oscars of Canadian Cheese

      Every two years, cheesemakers from across Canada vie for the title of Canada's best cheese at this awards show where winning doesn't just mean bragging rights, it means skyrocketing sales.

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