Belgium's Infamous Candy War Is a Series of Increasingly Ridiculous Events

The battle between two candymen has included fist fights, snowball fights, and legal action.


This Eccentric Bar Owner Brews Her Own Love Potion

Liqueur d’Amour is the stuff of legend, but not everyone is lucky enough to get a glass.


We Spoke to a Scientist Making Craft Beer out of Human Pee

Two Belgian scientists have created a machine that will allow them to turn human urine into drinkable water, and they are using that pee water to brew beer.


Big Boobs, Bad Sandwiches, and Drunken Chaos Inside a Dutch Food Truck

I worked the 7 AM shift serving sandwiches at a food truck at The Ghent music festival, where I witnessed many things I hope to never see again in my life.


Why Protesters Threw Two Tons of French Fries on This City Hall

There’s truly no greater form of civil disobedience than dumping a massive amount of delightful French fries all over of your oppressor’s front doorway.


Belgium’s Movie-Theater Popcorn Poppers Are the Last of a Dying Breed

Kinepolis has a secret in each of its basements: a baker who singlehandedly pops pounds of popcorn every day with the help of a secret recipe and a gigantic popcorn machine.


Enter a 'Globosphere' of Flashing Orbs

Collectif Coin's playful array of flashing globes light the lawn beneath a gothic portico in Ghent.


Belgium's School Lunch Superhero Wants Parents to Stop Feeding Their Kids Crap

As self-styled superhero Vitamike, street artist and guerrilla cook Martin Hoevenaar comes to the rescue of schools and takes the garbage out of lunchboxes. After school hours, he switches his red cape for a hoodie and a set of spray paint cans.


This Man Wants You to Eat from His Fridge for Free

Stef Mintiens is an herbalist and doctor from Ghent, Belgium who is providing a fridge full of tasty food— from chicory-caraway soup, smoked Parma ham, to cake and quiches—for anyone who wants it.