Ghost Hunters

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This 'Alien Ranch' in Arizona Could Be Yours for $5 Million

The property's owner says he's been visited by dozens of otherworldly creatures, and killed 18 of them with a samurai sword.
Drew Schwartz

We Asked An Expert Why People Believe In—and Hunt—Ghosts

Justin McDaniel, one of the founders of the Penn Ghost Project, an interdisciplinary group of academics that explores humanity's relationship with the otherworldly.
Michael Cuby

I Went Ghost Hunting and Didn't Find Shit

Ghost hunting turns out to have a lot in common with listening to a broken radio.
Kaleb Horton

Is the Vice Office Haunted? We Used a Spirit Box to Find Out

The frequency-sweeping device has overwhelmingly positive ratings on Amazon but failed to pick up any spirits this time around.
Kari Paul

These People Spend Thousands of Dollars Buying 'Haunted Dolls' from eBay

The purportedly possessed children's toys can sell for as little as $45 and for more than $1,500.
Jak Hutchcraft

​Why Did a Ghost Hunter Stab Himself Inside a Famous Ax-Murder House?

An Iowa tourist attraction got extra weird earlier this month when a recreational paranormal investigation turned unexpectedly—and somewhat mysteriously—violent.
Josiah Hesse

I Went to the Debut of the World's First Atheist TV Channel

A group called American Atheists is bankrolling a fledgling streaming TV channel called Atheist TV, which intends to cater to what they refer to as the fastest-growing religious group in America. The only problem is, they don't even know what to...
Dave Schilling

New Zealand Ghost Hunters

Palmerston North is a picturesque university town on New Zealand’s North Island. It’s home to gardens, wind farms, what’s referred to in travel magazines as a "vibrant art scene," and Core Paranormal—a dedicated unit of homespun paranormal...
Shane Warbrooke