ghost town


'Cats Own the City,' Today's Comic by Rosa Arango

After wandering around what appears to be a ghost town, a girl finds herself on the run from some territorial human-like cats.
Rosa Arango

What It's Like Seeing Your Hometown Turn into a Ghost Town

Photographer Dragoș Hanciu is trying to freeze some of the memories of his hometown, afraid for what could be lost next time he visits.
Dragoş Hanciu
daily vice

We Test Drive a Driverless Truck on Today's Episode of 'Daily VICE'

Then, Motherboard explains the dangerous flight history of NASA's test plane known as the "vomit comet," and we explore the South African ghost town photographed in the March issue of VICE magazine.
VICE Staff
The We Missed You Issue

Inside South Africa's Abandoned Mining Town

A diamond ghost town faces an uncertain future in the South African desert.
Kimon de Greef; Photos by Kent Andreasen

Inside Johnsonville, the Victorian Ghost Town That No One in Connecticut Wants

The Victorian-style village was the playground of an eccentric millionaire. When he died, Johnsonville died with him.
Justin Kloczko

This Melbourne Father Spent Five Weeks Fighting the Islamic State in Iraq

In February, Khamis Gewargis Khamis left his wife and kids to fight for the Assyrian Christian militia.
Max Rann

Get Tripped Out By These Visualizers For DJ Shadow's New EP

An old-school '45 adapter spins among the cosmos, further plunging you into Josh Davis' rabbit hole.
David Garber

London Is a Ghost Town

Christmas is the only day of the year when London is silent. Everything is closed and there's no public transport. Other than a bunch of tourists gawking around Big Ben, the streets are basically deserted.
Corrado Chiozzi