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Cameroon’s Internet Has Been Cut For Four Weeks With No End in Sight

Social apps like WhatsApp and Facebook are lifelines between members of the African diaspora.
Marc Shaw

Searching Western Canadian Ghost Towns for Traces of Chinese Miners

Century-old records reduced them to nameless slurs, so it takes serious detective work to find the real history.
Sarah Berman; Photos Jackie Dives

Watch the Premiere of 'Abandoned' on VICELAND

Legendary skateboarder Rick McCrank takes us inside the abandoned spaces that are becoming unique skate spots Friday night on the premiere of his new VICELAND show.
VICE Staff

Inside the Abandoned Ghost Towns of New Mexico

After decades of decline, the towns scattered across the desert of eastern New Mexico are disappearing. We talked to the few people who are remaining.
Samuel Gilbert, Photos by Gabriela Campos

The Peculiar Case of a Modern-Day Hermit

Does solitude destroy the human psyche, or does it allow us to see the world clearly?
Paul Willis

Inside Johnsonville, the Victorian Ghost Town That No One in Connecticut Wants

The Victorian-style village was the playground of an eccentric millionaire. When he died, Johnsonville died with him.
Justin Kloczko

Stopping by the Ghost Town in Cyprus That's Been Held Hostage for Forty Years

The Turkish army invaded Cyprus 40 years ago this week. Ever since then, what should be the island nation's most popular resort town has been a cut-off, increasingly dilapidated ghost town. I stopped by to take in the sights.
Nick Barnets

Inside Titusville, Florida's Space Shuttle Ghost Town

The economy hasn't picked up here since NASA left.
Chris Balogh

No One Wants to Live in the Arctic City of Vorkuta Anymore

Ideas the local council has come up with in order to boost the town's profile have included a proposal to use the area for nuclear tests and restoring the gulag into a leisure park.
Tomeu Coll

I Visited the Lake Town That LA Turned into a Salt Flat

The Owens Valley dust bowl was an ecological disaster with far-reaching consequences, and it was caused by the creation of Los Angeles. Today, industry would love to march right into a similar ecological disaster.
Mike Pearl

I Went to California's Post-Apocalyptic Beach Town

The Salton Sea quickly became something of an ecological nightmare soup, with a shoreline littered with thousands of dead fish.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Here's What's Happening on Friday's Episode of 'VICE'

We can hardly believe we're saying this, but the sixth episode of our HBO show is airing on Friday night. Time flies when you're hanging out with child suicide bombers, chatting up gun-toting preachers, and looking for love in China. We feel so old...
VICE Staff