Gideon Jacobs


Anxiety Is Our New Religion

Psychoanalyst Jamieson Webster explains why everyone's on meds and no one's fucking.


What It's Like Knowing You'll Die of Cancer at 35

"I’ve realized that it’s not my job to make anyone feel good. It’s my job to be honest."


We Asked a Minister How to Deal with the Pointlessness of Life

"People have been yelling at God for a long time. There's some solace to be had in that."


A Bizarre Photo Series Flips Off Consumerism and Food Porn

We spoke to photographer David Brandon Geeting about his new show 'Amusement Park.'


Bowling Alleys Are American Pockets of Purgatory

It's a sport/game/leisure activity so simple that I always feel vaguely self-conscious actually explaining it out loud: "Well, you, um, try to knock down pins with a ball."


Gregory Halpern and Ahndraya Parlato's Gloriously Unmoored Photographs

Their new book 'East of the Sun, West of the Moon' contains photos taken only on solstices and equinoxes.


Artist Jason Polan Is Trying/Failing to Draw Every Person in NY

The idea was simple: A) There is New York. B) There are people in New York. So, C) There could exist a total, whole and complete document of Every Person in New York.


'Disco Night Sept 11'

Gideon Jacobs, creative director of Magnum Photos New York, on Peter van Agtmael's forthcoming monograph, Disco Night Sept 11.


The Internet is Overwhelming, so Photograph It

"On good days, I assume that reality exists."


What Is Bruce Gilden Doing?

Gideon Jacobs, creative director of Magnum Photos, New York, muses on the motivations of VICE's favorite street photographer, Bruce Gilden.