International Experts Say Mexico Has Blocked the Search for Truth in Missing Students' Case

The experts — attached to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights — say confessions of detainees with credible complaints of torture underpin key parts of the official version of what happened to the 43 students.
Melissa del Pozo

International Experts Say Mexico Is Blocking Efforts to Find Out the Fate of the 43 Students

After disputing the Mexican government's version of events, a group of experts is claiming that the government is behind a smear campaign intended to destroy their reputations.
David Agren

Mexico Is Failing Its Citizens on Human Rights, UN Commissioner Says During Visit

The UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights slammed Mexico's record on abuses, torture, and illegal executions, saying 'I wish everyone could meet' victims of state violence in the country.
Daniel Hernandez

Soldiers ‘Won’t Be Treated Like Criminals’ in Ayotzinapa Case, Mexico Army Chief Says

Mexican defense secretary Salvador Cienfuegos said emphatically on Tuesday that soldiers in Guerrero did not participate in the attacks that left 43 young men missing.
Daniel Hernandez

Could Mexican Officials Eventually Face Charges for Failings in Missing Students Case?

Despite the damning report by an independent panel, a government official defended the original investigation this week. President Enrique Peña Nieto said he would meet parents of the missing as the one-year mark approaches.
Melissa del Pozo and Daniel Hernandez