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Lyft Allegedly Kept a Driver on the Platform Who Held a Passenger at Gunpoint While Two Other Men Raped Her

Since August 1, the ride share giant has been sued for sexual assault by at least 26 passengers, who say the company has failed to remove rapists from the app and “dismisses and ignores” safety concerns.
Lauren Kaori Gurley
4 days ago

Yoga Instructors Are the Latest Gig Workers to Unionize

A union drive at one of the nation’s largest yoga chains is the latest sign that the gig economy is fertile ground for organized labor.
Lauren Kaori Gurley

Uber and Lyft’s Worst Nightmare Is Coming True in California

A newly passed law would require rideshare companies to treat their drivers as employees and provide them with benefits like health insurance.
Brendan O'Connor
Alex Lubben
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California Passed a Bill That Will Make Delivering Food for a Startup Drastically Better

The legislation will make it illegal for delivery apps to pocket drivers’ tips and force companies to reimburse drivers for gas and other expenses.
Lauren Kaori Gurley

Lyft Will Require Sexual Violence Prevention Training For Drivers, Following a Flurry of Lawsuits

The ride-share giant is adding new safety requirements for Lyft drivers—while fighting legislation that would give drivers more rights and benefits.
Lauren Kaori Gurley

EXCLUSIVE: Kamala Harris Is Backing a Bill Giving Uber, Lyft, Postmates Workers New Rights

Harris's position puts her at odds with her brother-in-law and a top campaign adviser, both of whom work for Uber.
Cameron Joseph
Quit Your Shitty Job

How to Quit Your Shitty Job and Become a Competitive Dancer

Meet Andrew "Pyro" Chung, a former factory worker and Costco cart collector turned street dancer and studio owner.
Anne Gaviola

The YouTubers Union Is Not Messing Around

The YouTubers Union has joined forces with Europe's largest trade union to fight for a fairer platform.
Edward Ongweso Jr

Somehow, Fiverr Ads Have Gotten Even More Tone-Deaf

The company's latest campaign quite literally illustrates how the gig economy exploits women of color.
Leila Ettachfini
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DoorDash May Finally Change Its Shady Tipping Policy

After a spate of bad press, the company says it will no longer repurpose workers' tips to pay their wages.
Jelisa Castrodale

The Gig Economy Screws Over Everyone But the Bosses

It keeps wages down and the majority of gig workers would prefer the security of a full-time job, a recent report says.
Anne Gaviola
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Watch a City’s Politics Shift Through the Rear View Mirror of Your Cab in ‘Night Call’

It's not much of a detective story, but 'Night Call' does have some great mysteries.
Rob Zacny