Gilbert Hernandez


'Roy in Hollywood: Parts 15 and 16,' Today's Comic by Gilbert Hernandez

After overdosing on heroin and being brought back to life, Roy and his clown friend try to break his lady love out of jail.


'Love and Rockets' Returns with Aplomb

Oh, and Gerard Way's Young Animal imprint is killing it, this week in comics.


Hellboy, Spider-Woman, Blubber, The Spire: This Week in Comics #2

Biff! Smack! Thwack! The week’s best comics include work from Gilbert Hernandez, Dark Horse Comics, Marvel, and Boom! Studios.


Why You Probably Need to Buy 'The Best of the Best Show'

A rundown of the comic books, 'zines, and other nerdy stuff you should think about owning this month.


Roy Is a Hero

Roy is back on Earth after a long stint in Hell, but things aren't that much better on land than they were in the depths of Hades.


Roy Makes Friends With Adolf Hitler and Richard Speck

In this exciting comic by Gilbert "Beto" Hernandez, his titular hero meets other denizens of Hell.


Hell Is Gilbert Hernandez

Roy is still in hell, and now he's stuck having to hear Gilbert Hernandez talk about himself.


Hell Is Metallica's Music

Roy's in hell and the demons are poking him, showering him in shit, and making him listen to Metallica.


Roy Fails to Maintain

Roy gets super high and ODs.


Roy Does All the Drugs

Roy in Hollywood is a gateway comic to other great comics by the legendary and super talented Gilbert Hernandez.


Roy and Judith Make a Movie

Roy and his friend Judith are attempting to make a movie but everyone is fucking with them.


Roy's Golden Adventures Under the Earth

Roy was stuck under the Earth for several weeks and then turned into a golden statue, but he's all right now. Read the latest comic by award-winning comic book genius and legend Gilbert "Beto" Hernandez.