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'It Was Full of White People Problems': Teens Review Classic Teen TV Shows

2017's kids rate "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Gilmore Girls," and other teen classics.
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The Case for and Against 'Gilmore Girls'

Is the beloved show classic escapist Americana or just bullshit?
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Meet the Makeup Artist Who Won Gilmore Girls' Only Emmy

Although "Gilmore Girls" is beloved by countless fans, the show has only received just one Emmy: best makeup, for an episode in season four. We spoke to the mastermind behind the award-winning looks.
Sirin Kale

Rory from ‘Gilmore Girls’ Is Actually the Worst

While watching the cult TV show I once loved as a teenager, I've realized one crucial thing most people seem to forget about Rory Gilmore: She sucks real bad.
Koty Neelis

I Spent a Weekend in Stars Hollow with Thousands of Obsessive Gilmore Girls Fans

Washington, Connecticut is known for being the inspiration for Stars Hollow, the idyllic town in which "Gilmore Girls" is set. I made a pilgrimage there—along with 1500 other people—to honor our impossibly chipper, coffee-swilling TV gods.
Molly Oswaks
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The New 'Gilmore Girls' Trailer Is Here to Kick You in the Heart

Grab yourself a few tissues—the first trailer for Netflix's upcoming series, 'The Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,' just dropped.
Lauren Messman

I Drank a 'Gilmore Girls' Amount of Coffee at Luke's Diner

I got to live like a Stars Hollow resident for an afternoon, drinking copious amounts of coffee and speaking at an unhealthy Lorelai-like fast pace.
Alison Stevenson
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Here Is a Livestream of a Corpse Flower About to Bloom, If You’re into that Kind of Thing

Even Rory and Lorelai Gilmore can't stop talking about the stinkiest plant there is.
Larry Fitzmaurice

Stop Rebooting TV Shows, You Lazy Assholes

When networks are stooping to revive not-good-the-first-time trash like "MAD TV," it's time to pull the plug on television's necrophilia trend.
Harry Cheadle

'Gilmore Girls' Deserves to Be Remembered as More Than Just Feelgood Fluff

The family saga is returning to Netflix for a seventh season. Hopefully now it will be remembered as more than just a source of Rory reaction GIFs.
Elizabeth Sankey

The Cast of 'Gilmore Girls' Made Me Feel Normal After My Leukemia

I had survived a rare and aggressive form of cancer, but on the 'Gilmore Girls' set, I felt like a normal girl again.
Harriet Alida Lye
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​What Happens When TV Goes to College?

And why is it so hard to get right?
Marian Bull