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What Serena Williams's Birth Story Says About Racism in Health Care

Institutionalized sexism and racism put black women's lives at risk, say maternal health and racial justice advocates.


Women Describe Their Orgasmic Births

Giving birth is meant to be one of the scariest and most physically painful experiences in a woman's life. But according to a 2016 survey, a surprising number of women actually climax during childbirth.


The Argument for Masturbating During Childbirth

A growing number of women are using orgasms instead of drugs to "take the edge off" the pain of giving birth.


These Five People Are Going to Have a Baby Together

Daantje is married to Dewi. Jaco is married to Sjoerd, and they both love Sean. All five of them are having a baby this week.


Terrible Doctors Are Uploading Selfies Taken Next to Women's Vaginas During Childbirth

Doctors in Venezuela have been behaving abominably on Instagram.


Babies Behind Bars

One hundred babies are born in prisons in England and Wales each year, yet there's no universal standard for what prisons have to provide for pregnant women—in extreme cases, some have been left to clean their cell after miscarrying.


How Chinese Women Get Around the One-Child Policy and Save Money by Giving Birth in the US

Despite a recent crackdown on "birth tourism" centers in California, there are plenty of reasons for pregnant Chinese women to want to give birth on US soil.


Being Pro-Choice Isn't Just About Abortion

The violation of human rights during pregnancy and birth is no imaginary first-world issue—it's frighteningly real across the planet.


Mucus, Plugs, and Buttholes: The Secrets of a Young Midwife

If you're about to give birth any time soon, rest assured—they've seen, and been covered in, it all before.


Giving Birth Is Super Painful, so Be Nice to Your Mom This Mother's Day

Childbirth is beautiful and amazing. It’s also messy, gooey, farty, bloody, and literally shitty. By the way, have you called your mother yet today?