Glitch Art


These Glitched-Out Photos Look Like Paintings Made by a PC

For 'Destruction,' Berlin-based photographer Polina Efremova actually ran digital video through an old PC.


Don't Tell This Glitch Tattoo Artist What to Ink

London and Paris-based tattoo artist LOUIS.LOVELESS obeys no rules but his own.


A Brazilian New Media Artist’s Utopian Net Art Dreams

The 32nd issue of FELT Zine features dynamic glitch art compositions by digital artist TÙ.ÚK’Z.


Cyberpunk CGI Opera Features an AI Having a Mental Breakdown

Watch visual reworkings of 'Wraithmachine,' a 35-minute audiovisual experience by Italian artist and musician Datacode.


Glitch Artist Attempts to Synthesize Brains with Wavy Alien Landscapes

From inside a digital world, Jeremy Nealis, a.k.a., Aertime, uses the internet to create immersive pixelated designs.


[Premiere] Take a Creepy VR Tour of an Insomniac's House

Glitched-out visuals consume you like sleep paralysis in this eerie VR music video for Caribou collaborator Pick a Piper’s “Still Awake.”


You’ll Never Look at a 404 Error Page the Same Way Again After This

Motherboard’s error horse Filly joins a list of imaginary 404 Error pages in a new online gallery.


These 8 Artists Bring Glitch Art into the Real World

From fashion to furniture, check out the makers taking inspiration from the glitch.


Glitch Art Rugs Weave Technology into Tradition

An ancient art collides with the digital in Faig Ahmed's latest exhibition.


These Playing Cards Are Full of Mind-Bending Glitchs

Your glitched Royal Flushes will look like a real sleight of hand.


Digital Hell: Tech Tips for the Deceased

...And other bone-chilling art from Lynn Nguyen.


Colorful Glitch Artwork Made from Screenshots of Tinder Profiles

1,000 profiles are mashed up into 10 colorful .jpgs in '10 Days on Tinder."