Global Drug Survey


Take Part in the World's Biggest Anonymous Drugs Survey

The Global Drug Survey wants to understand how people take drugs and help them do so in the safest way possible.
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Weed Withdrawal Is a Real Thing and It's Hell

If you're using weed for medicinal reasons, it can wreak havoc on your mental or physical health.
David Hillier
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Most Ecstasy-Related Harm Caused by Preventable Behaviors, Study Finds

This year’s Global Drug Survey found an increase in the number of people seeking medical treatment for ecstasy-related causes.
Anna Codrea-Rado

How You Can Help the World Understand Illegal Drugs

Last year, we discovered all sorts of things about the ways in which humans consume narcotics, and with your help, we can do exactly the same for 2016.
Mac Hackett
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Watch 'High Society: Ecstasy,' the First Episode of Our New Series About Drugs in the UK

In this episode of High Society, we investigate how the dangers of using MDMA pills can be reduced.
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Global Drug Survey

The Results of the Global Drug Survey Show That When It Comes to MDMA Less Is More

With purity at an all time high, experts advise users to 'start with a half.'
Angus Harrison

How Britain Gets Drunk Compared to the Rest of the World

A hint: far more self-destructively.
Max Daly

This New App Can Show You How Much Weed You've Smoked

The man behind the Global Drug Survey told us about new harm reduction tools, including Drugs Meter and Drinks Meter, two apps that compare users' drug and alcohol usage to others around the world.
Liam Deacon

Seven Important Truths About How the World Takes Drugs in 2014

The people who put the survey together gathered feedback from nearly 80,000 drug users and clubbers in their twenties and thirties.
Max Daly