global food security


This Scientific Breakthrough Could Completely Change the Way the World Grows Food

The solution? Just get plant life to more efficiently photosynthesize.


This Fast-Food Cricket Milkshake Might Save the World

This thousand-calorie frozen sugar bomb launched by a national burger chain—made with oreos and grasshoppers—may just be that missing mainstream link to make people comfortable with eating bugs.


Did a Conspiracy Between the World's Largest Fertilizer Companies Crash the Food Economy?

A new report suggests that a clandestine cartel of fertilizer companies drove food prices so high that they precipitated a crisis that drove 44 million people into poverty.


This Government Report Warns that Climate Change Is Going to Screw Up Global Food Security

Let’s hope that those who control the major sources of these emissions take this report as seriously as it deserves. Otherwise global food security, to the extent it exists today, will surely be a thing of the past.