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Rise Up

People Are Celebrating the Progress They’ve Made Towards Changing the World

Around the world, individuals and groups are coming to together for a day of action to advance the UN's global goals for social good.
Katelyn Harrop

The WFP Wants to End Global Hunger in 15 Years

The World Food Programme believes that if people can’t feed themselves, there will never be peace. In the next 15 years, it hopes to achieve what it calls Zero Hunger—but it has some significant hurdles to jump.
Matthew Zuras

Ibiza Has a Water Problem

The island is sustained by clubbing, but clubbing is destroying the island.
Michelle Lhooq

Is This the Beginning of the End of Coral?

The phenomenon that could destroy corals forever is now accelerating—and it will end coral, unless we act.
Brian Merchant

This Abortion Travel Agency Is Fake, But Abortion Tourism Is Very Real

The agency is a fictional creation as part of a Hungary-based campaign to raise awareness about reproductive rights. And yet, in many ways, it’s not fake, either.
Kaleigh Rogers
short circuit

Forget Lab Beef, Impossible Foods’ 100% Plant-Based Cheeseburger Is Our Future

Eat your heart out, Sergey Brin.
Clinton Nguyen

Reuse, Reduce, Reproductive Rights: How Abortion Can Help Save the Planet

On Friday, the UN released its list of sustainability goals for the next 15 years, and achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls was number five on the list. According to experts like Allison Doody, an international advocacy associate...
Gabby Bess
global goals

A Transformation in South African Cricket

In South Africa, where athletic participation often falls along racial lines, the movement to diversify traditionally white sports is known as transformation.
Megan Hart

Scientists Want to Engineer Vaginal Microbes to Create 'Biological Condoms'

Some vaginal microbes can make women’s bodies more resistant to the HIV and other STIs.
Kari Paul

Chile Launched the Largest Ocean Preserve in the Americas

The Desventuradas Marine Preserve puts a Do-Not-Disturb sign on 115,000 square miles of ocean.
Rachel Pick
Scene Reports

Welcome to Girls Rock! Camp, Iowa City's Breeding Ground for Feminists of the Future

Girls Rock! Camp is founded on the Riot Grrrl philosophy that you do not have to be technically proficient. You just have to be brave.
Alyse Burnside

We Need to Control Our Algorithms Before They Destroy the Environment

The 'Biosphere Code' calls for software engineers to craft eco-friendly algorithms.
Emiko Jozuka